What's Sharjeel Memon Doing To Shahla Raza?

Our parliamentarians are not the best among the people and sadly so. The majority of them is ill-mannered and absolutely devoid of grace. The provincial Sindh Assembly has long been known for some very bizarre incidents throughout different government tenures. With its seats being occupied by the majority PPP members, we cannot expect a behavior of decency. Not that they are alone. The PTI is not yet a very organized party either and their supporters continue to demonstrate that every now and then. 
Coming back to Sindh Assembly, we have seen the exchange of harsh remarks between opposing parties as well as members whiling away their time with Iphones and drawing sketches. In this video, you will see Sharjeel Memon, provincial information minister, signifying something to Shehla Raza. It is certainly against the decorum of assembly. But who cares? 

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