Imran Khan Talking About His Marriage, Very Funny

We are nation that likes to crack jokes especially on political and popular figures. We have seen some very hilarious dubbings, parodies on Imran Khan but this one is certainly at part with the rest we have already seen in the past. This funny dubbing centers on the conversation in which Imran Khan talked about his marriage with former BBC weather girl Reham Khan. It is too good and you can help but burst into laughter after watching this. It should be noted that Imran Khan had staged a press conference after his marriage. Shrouded in the mystery for months and in the wake of speculations from media and social media, Imran Khan publicly announced his marriage and tied the knot in a very low-key wedding ceremony. Currently Imran Khan is busy performing Umrah with Reham Khan in Mecca.  Watch the video, you will laugh to death. It is that funny! 

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