Pakistan crisis: Nawaz Sharif sneaks out from President House Gate

By Shahid Shaikh, August 21, 2014 (Parliament House Islamabad)

Nawaz Sharif and the entire Parliament was stunned to see a large crowd surrounding the Parliament House on Thursday morning as Tahir ul Qadri supporters closed in on a heavily-guarded government compound in an apparent attempt to besiege members of the National Assembly.
We saw Qadri start marching towards the Parliament House promising to cripple the Assembly session. However, something funny happened along the way and Tahir ul Qadri was left scratching his head: Nawaz Sharif and National Assembly members sneaked out from the President House gate, leaving Qadri followers fuming and expressing frustration.

Tahir al Qadri has been issuing fiery statements since the start of his "Inqalab March" vowing to stop the parliament house from working, but a swift response from the PML N government made it impossible for Qadri followers to hamper the National Assembly session.

The Army was called in to rescue the besieged members and were escorted to safer locations before the furious mob could get closer to the Parliament building.

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