Not Another WAAR Review

Since the release of the much-anticipated Pakistani movie, much has been written in the form of news, reviews and critiques about the film, and from all those, here are a few deductions that even someone who has been lazy enough to visit the cinema can make:

  • Par excellence cinematography (hats off to Bilal Lashari for the commendable work)
  • The shallow nature of the script, or as many said the biased nature of the story for blaming India of everything wrong going in Pakistan (for all such Aman ki Asha lovers, kindly watch D-day and Qayamat)
  • Meesha Shafi and Ali Azmat being supremely disappointing in their roles
But, with all that said and done, there are some off the beat aspects and moments that must be mentioned about the film. Some of them even though presented in a serious situation could not stop people from laughing, or leaving a big question mark in their mind in the form of WHY???? Here are a few of them.
  • Lashari’s Self-Promotion: Is it just me or did someone else also realized the number of scenes played by the young director himself, apart from the presence of this father, Kamran Lashari. The highly dexterous sniper of the security force and the only anti-Taliban soldier other than Hamza Abbasi (obviously, the rest in the battalion were all PTI supporters)
  •  Shamoon’s Dialouge Lapse: Remember Rehman Malik and his famous phrase of ‘blast took place because of security lapse’? Shamoon faced a similar situation in Waar. Difference being it can be termed as dialogue lapse. The Joker-Bane combo callous super-villain only had a handful of lines to deliver and that also in English which was strange keeping in mind that he was from RAW and not CIA. My friend after watching him abuse in English said ‘gali do to apni zaban mai, warna mat do’
  •  Police Academy Attack: Without any doubt the scene was awesome. It had everything in it. Emotion, brutality, atrocity, hilarity (when suicide jackets were being presented to female bombers) and yes stupidity by disrupting the scene with a dance sequence that was completely unnecessary. I mean, why on earth someone would ruin the most vital scene of the film by showing dance clips that cannot even serve as good foreplay.
  •  Bomb Detonation Final Scene: As if everyone had a train to catch or washroom to visit. The shifting of scenes was so instantaneous. For a second I couldn’t figure out who was faster. Shaan in his frequency of punches or Ayesha Khan in cutting the right wire. She can definitely star in Hurt Locker’s sequel. Jeremy Renner would have tough time.
  • Best Dialogue: I just cannot resist adding this one and I know many won’t agree with me on this, but the best one was when a Pakistani traitor tells Taliban commander ‘Apke walid ki maut ka sunke bara afsoos hua’ and both of them burst into laughter.
Final Word:
The movie is a must watch. And for all those who are dubbing it as ‘overrated’ they better have a look at Ram Gopal Varma’s Twitter timeline.

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