Best dua for success in business

Are you looking for a dua for success in business? Here I have shared a very powerful dua that will turn things around for you. Whether you are starting a new business or trying to bolster sales in your existing business, living life without Allah's zikr is meaningless. The condition of business is not so good for many people and they often complain about not being able to make handsome earnings. One of my friends wanted me to recommend a dua for success in business. I agree that wanting more is not evil and it is human nature to always look for more, but wait a minute here and think how selfish it is to ignore the blessings we already have and complain about the ones we don't have right now?

I recommended a powerful remedy for his financial needs and Alhamdullilah his business got off to a very impressive start. He was new in the industry and had no idea where to go, but as he recited the dua every single day during his initial phases of the fledgling business, things started to unfold and he saw opportunities flow to him every step of the way. He was happy and even wrote a post about it on his blog.
Dua for success in business, job and employment

Quran verses with Urdu translation: money, rizq

I think more and more people are wanting to get out of financial trouble as current economy is brutal. For people starting a new business or wanting to increase revenues or profits, trusting in Allah is the key to success. Believe me wealth is not just about how big your top line or bottom line is, but it is more about feeling contentment and never falling short of money.
We need to be grateful for the things we already possess because most of the times our misery is due to not paying attention to the blessings and favours (done by Allah) in our life and we dwell on the ones we want to get. 
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  6. Can you pls let me know the name of the sura and verse number

    1. Sorry for late reply.

      This is not a Quranic verse. It is actually from hadith. Referene: Kanzul A'maal, Al azkaar, Al Akmaal, 93/2


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