Dua for marriage

Marriage is one of the most important social responsibilities and if we trust in Allah and seek His guidance in everything we do, we will never be disappointed. This dua for marriage that I have shared here is very powerful and if you are going to start a new life, you need to pay attention to this. Marriage is Sunnah of our Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him and when we start a marriage life with the tools we have been blessed by Allah and Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him, our life gets better and better. And what could be better than a dua that promises a healthy and prosperous marriage life?
So save this dua to your computer or write it down for memorizing it. You can also share it to your Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus profiles for others to benefit from it. There are many duas that I could have shared here, but this one is best for those intending to marry. I will share duas for marriage issues like how to maintain good relationships with your spouse or how to get out of a bad relationship by turning to Allah.
Dua for successful marriage 

Quran verses and Hadiths Urdu: Dua marriage 

I recommend this dua to one of my relatives who recently got married. When I talked to him about how he was going to arrange his marriage and how excited he was, he started complaining about not being able to meet the expenditures and lots of money have been spent on arrangements. I told him to stop thinking about everything else and take the time to calm his mind. I advised him to dwell on his final desire, i.e to imagine himself marrying the way he wanted to, and recite this dua. His life turned around and Allah showered his blessings on the couple. 
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  1. wonderful wallpaper and so great news

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    1. Females should recite for a husband the whole of Sura dhuha (sura 93) 11 times before zenith. Again Ideally after Fajr.