Thursday, July 12, 2018

Reham Khan Book Is Out: Up For Sale On Amazon

Reham Khan, ex wife of PTI cheif Imran, has finally had her book released online up for sale on Amazon priced at $9.99 Kindle edition and paperback edition also available in select stores around the world.  

The much-anticipated and scandals-filled book already caused much uproar among Pakistani the media and public last month in June when Hamza Ali Abbasi, PTI and social activist, leaked some chapters of the book. The readers of both camps: PTI supporters, Reham followers were anxiously waiting for the release of the book. 

Geo news anchor, Muneeb Farooqi, has also conducted an interview with Reham Khan and discussed the contents of the book which will be aired tonight. According to Farooq, book is different from what it was being assumed and alleged in the wake of "leak" last month. 

Reham Khan has dedicated hundreds of pages of her book to her life as Imran Khan's wife. The book is said to be an indictment of Imran Khan's character and Reham Khan says she has written all the events in all honesty and will stand by her words. 

Will It Hurt Imran Khan's Election Campaign? 

According to Muneeb Farooq, who conducted the first interview with Reham Khan over her released book, the contents of the book will not hurt election campaign since the staunch supporters of PTI will remain unconvinced by the negative portrayal of their beloved leader. 

What Exactly Are the Contents of Her Book? 

Reham Khan shares her pre-marriage meeting with Imran khan in these words: "He now had a glint in the eyes as he looked straight into mine. Flustered by his penetrating gaze, I looked away and explained that I was covered in mosquito bites. The next thing I knew, his huge hands had grabbed my ankles protectively but gently, as if to sooth the insect bites. I jumped in my chair at this unexpected, yet tender gesture from him. He leant forward as if to kiss miss, then groaned and got to his feet”

While walking in the garden, Imran Khan proposed her " I want to marry you", according to Reham Khan. To which she responded "Are you insane?" 

Women Exploitation in PTI
Reham Khan has alleged in her book that women are exploited within the party. A close friend of Imran Khan had compelled a girl to undergo an abortion. According to Reham, Imran khan denied these allegations in public but later admitted to her that this did happen. 

“Months later, however, I was being told by Imran Khan himself that it had actually happened”.

Khan' Inclination Towards Men: 

"Money and good-looking med appeared to be the two things that impressed him the month. He raved about the past beauty of people like Pervez Khattak, Zakir Khan and Murad Saeed. The way Imran spoke fondly of Saqlain Mushtaq, the Pakistani spinner known for his cute boyish smile, disturbed me. His admiration for the rather macho Minister from DIK, Amin Gandapur, and his undying love for the youngest MNA from PTI, Murad Saeed, was even more shocking”.

Cocaine Addiction

Reham Khan has also alleged that Imran Khan does consume cocaine and started taking the drug after Jemima took his kids away. "His sexual adventures had started even earlier than his cricketing career, but the delving into drugs started later he claimed. Imran said that he first started on cocaine when Jemima took the kids away”

“I was suspicious and started keeping a tab on his disappearances. He would make at least three trips to the bathroom every night, and return more hyper than before. He would notice my sudden quietness, and the puzzled look, and would become even more doting. When questioned, he would either deny outright or be dismissive. He would typically go to the bathroom every hour, and eventually, I started noticing the tell-tale traces of powder on his nostrils, and the cotton swabs with Vaseline in the drawers”.

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