Dua to avoid and control jealousy

Is there a dua in Quran to control and avoid jealousy?

Allah has given us Quran that has cure to every worldly evil that harms us and rob us of our eeman. Reciting the dua I mentioned below, dwelling on its meaning and believing that Allah has power over all its creation and the evil of its creation, you will see your jealousy fade away Inshallah.

Transliteration: Rabbi Auzubika min hamazaatish-shayateeni wa-auzubika rabbi an yahzuroon
English translation: My Lord ! I seek refuge in You from suggestions of the evil ones, And I seek refuge in You from their presence around me Since jealousy is usually caused by Shayateen (devils in the form of djinn and even humans bent on mischief) to cause distress and harm human relationships. It is easy for an unsuspecting person to fall into the trap of jealousy. You may be the victim of someone's jealousy, but it is equally disastrous if you create jealousy for that jealous person in return as today's society thrives on competition, showoff, and using status symbol to assert authority.  
You can also recite Surah Falaq to counter jealous feelings. 
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