Dua and wazifa to get more customers and buyers

Dua-wazifa to get more customers: You are probably running your own business or working as a sales agent or sales manager, and it sometimes gets a bit disappointing during dull days when you get a fewer number of customers/buyers or little sale. We must put our trust in Allah and what Islam teaches in every instance and every situation. 

*Choose fajar and Asr time (do this wazifa/dua two times a day)
*Sit in a quite place where nobody can disturb you
*Continue this dua-wazifa for 21 days without any gap (You will see your sales go up Inshallah and best of all it will not be just money -it will be full of barakah by Allah's will)

1. Recite "Astaghfirullah" 1000 times
How to recite: Seek forgiveness for all mistakes, sins. See forgiveness for all mistakes, arrogance, negligence, ego-worship in your financial matters/job. Do astaghfar on not spending money on the needy. Do astaghfar on wasting time (everybody wastes time on TV, news, useless talkshows, Facebook, friends, useless gossips). Do astaghfar on not doing shukr on existing/present blessings and favors Allah has done you. Astaghfar on being ungrateful or ignorant of Allah's favours (There are unlimited favours Allah is constantly doing us, but we are too selfish to acknowledge them)

2. Recite "Alhamdulillah" 1000 times
How to recite: Thank Allah for all blessings right now. Just forget about how little customer base you have, just focus on your existing business presence. At least you have a business or job. At least you are earning money to put food on table. At least you get a certain number of customers and buyers coming to your shop/business (imagine you had no customer or buyer at all. Just thank Allah for these customers who are coming to you. Forget about how many are there for now. Just Thank). At least you are healthy enough to go to work on a regular basis (imagine you fall sick for months. Can you work in that condition?). At least you are not living on streets or on loans/funds (imagine life as a homeless person). At least you are living in a country where violence/bloodshed does not keep you from taking part in day-to-day business or economic activity.

To do this wazifa, you can get a digital counter or ditigal tasbeeh so you don't lose count of your recitation. I hope that Allah bless you with your desire. Don't forget to share your experience with us. Stay blessed. 
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