Quran verses about critical thinking and using intellect/intelligence

In Quran, there is a lot of emphasis on using our thinking faculties (mind/conscious), to reach Allah and get rewards in the hereafter. Allah has created us and given us free will (aqal/shaor). Allah does not impose His will on people as this is the most intelligent way to test them for their deeds (good or evil). 
Quran verses about thinking and intellect (aqal) are mentioned with Arabic text and their English translation:

1) Surah Al-Anfal: Verse No. 22 

2) Surah Muhammad: Verse No. 24 
English Translation: Do they then ponder not over Quran, or there locks on the hearts of some of them?

3) Surah Al-Nisaa: Verse No. 82
English Translation: Then do they not ponder in Quran and if it had been from other than Allah, then they would surely have found therein much discrepancy (Surah Al-Nisaa - verse no. 82) 

4) Surah Al Furqan: Verse No. 44
English Translation: Or do you think that most of them hear or reason? They are not but like cattle. Rather they are (even) more astray in (their) way (Surah Al Furqan - Verse no. 44)

When our thinking faculties are used with sincerity (to find the truth and the courage to accept it no matter how much it conflicts with our long-held anti-Creator beliefs), Allah systematically and intelligently brings us the right information needed to know Him.
Allah has encouraged the mankind to pay close attention to creation and ask fundamental questions about the Creator of everything existing in the universe.
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