Why most gratitude practices and methods don't work?

Gratitude is becoming more and more popular in the area of self development and more and more gurus are jumping in to train people how to practice gratitude to stay happy, healthy and wealthy.

But most of these practices don't produce the desired results for most of the people who join these courses or seminars.

The reason is simple: These gratitude methods fail to change your vibrations. When a gratitude method fails to cause a shift in your vibrations, you will not attract what you desire because you are not in harmony of that goal. Emotionless gratitude is not real gratitude. This is fooling yourself into thinking that you are grateful

Why these gratitude methods don't change my vibrations?

These methods are heavily focused on focusing on benefits only. A human mind is constantly looking for more so naturally it becomes extremely hard to feel gratitude on existing benefits and favors you are blessed with.

What works best?

Looking at blessings/things from a could-be-worse perspective is the only way to create intense feelings of gratitude. Imagining a worse possible scenario for a couple of seconds on any blessing will do the trick.

 Put it to test now and see for yourself how could-be-worse-gratitude-method changes your feelings and then vibrations: Intense gratitude on your ability to walk/run and legs in general

Imagine yourself in a hospital bed following an accident that broke one of your legs. Visualize a bit by making a mental film and feel what it is like to lose a leg. Imagine all the troubles that lay ahead as a result of your not being able to walk now. You can't go to job. You can't walk or run or jog. Now stop the mental film and return to reality. You will notice that your feelings about your legs have now changed. You will notice that you are now paying focused attention to the importance of your legs. As a result of this, you have raised your vibrations.

Why this simple method caused a big change in your vibrations and feelings?

Because you made the right assessment of that blessing (importance of your legs) by shifting your focus on a scenario where you have lost one of your legs. When you finally come out of that mental film (of worse possible scenario), your mind shifts back to reality and it convinces itself that your legs are intact. Here your mind processes, in a millisecond, all the benefits linked to your legs (your walking ability, your feet, your ability to perform day-to-day tasks, your ability to play and run, etc). 
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