Bismillahillazi La Yadurru Ma'asmihi in Arabic, Urdu and Transliteration

This is an extremely important dua that every Muslim should learn by heart and make it part of their daily zikr and tasbeeh. This dua for protection (hifazat) is mentioned in Ahadith and its effectiveness has been asserted on several occasions.
Bismilliahillazi La Yadurru in Arabic and Urdu translation

Urdu Translation of the Dua 
Transliteration of the Dua:

Bismillahillazi La Yaduddu Ma'asmihi Shai-un Fil Ardi Wala Fis-Sama-ee Wahuwasamee-ul-Aleem"

This dua is best for protection and safety from all kinds of harms. For more Islamic duas, please stay in touch with teh blog as we will be updating new duas on a regular basis. 
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