Lips care tips in Urdu

I have outlined the easiest and most convenient lips care tips in Urdu here for those of you who are worried about their upper or lower lips.
Lips care tips in Urdu, honton ki hifazat, honton ki siyahi and khubsurti

Lips that are soft and pink apart of being a dream of every girl, are said to be a sign of good health. Sometimes, the bad and harsh weather is more likely to take a toll on our lips, that makes it look unhealthy and dry. Apart from the weather, most of the people who are habitual of smoking, trying different cosmetic lip products and consuming alcohol make their lips look dark, dry and chapped.

These habitual and environmental elements, tend to become an unending dilemma for your lips. Most of us take skin safety as the utmost practice to be done in summers, but we often ignore a patch of our skin that is usually overlooked when we talk about summer precautions- the lips. 
Similarly, in winters people go through unavoidable dry and scaly lips that looks more pale or white rather than being pinkish. To the question, how to get the perfect lips, one cannot ignore the fact that the lips demands extra care all year around. In harsh weathers, our natural glands face difficulties in keeping our lips moist. Honton ki hifazat in Urdu is now in your hands. No more honton ki siyahi ! Keep reading. 
The rise in temperature exposes your lips to the harmful UV rays, transitions and heat while, in cold seasons the dehydration of lips is more common, in both cases the lips look and feel not so good. On the other hand, smoking, malnutrition and few medication steals the beauty of your lips by making them look all black or pale. Fortunately, I can answer all your queries regarding unhealthy, cracking and ugly lips by the help of these useful remedies that can give your lips a wow factor.
Be it kalay hont that will get dry all too often or unattractive lips, these Urdu tips are enough for you Inshahallah.
These Urdu lip care tips will help you in not getting lost or sold on the novelty packaging and attractive labels of lip balms that have a negligible outcome in making your lips healthy. These remedies will help getting a hold on luscious, healthy and good looking lips that will bring a shine to your smile. I get emails asking "honton ki siyahi door kerna ka tarika" and other seemingly anxious questions like I want a method of "honton ki siyahi door kerna" or I am worried about my "honton ki khubsurti." These remedies are proved to be very effective in keeping your lips smooth and soft throughout the year. So, I recommend you to try at least one or two of these tips if you are willing to own a beautiful, pinkish and hydrated lips.
Follow these guidelines to safeguard your smackers from any element that will try to seize the natural beauty of your lips making your smile look pathetic eventually. I am quite sure that you will be surprised after experiencing the effect of these home remedies.
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