Laser Chemical Peels Side Effects In Urdu

Why Chemical Peel Has Its Side Effects?
Chemical peel is one of the oldest cosmetic procedure used throughout the world especially in Greece, Egypt and Rome to make the skin more beautiful, smoother and clearer.  The procedure of chemical peel is a treatment in which acids are used to wipe and remove the outer layers of the skin that are damaged. During this treatment a wide range of chemicals are used that may not suit every skin type and show side effects. Most of us, find it more convenient to visit a dermatologist and get any of the expensive treatment done without having any idea about their pros and cons. 
People get attracted towards the facial peels as they enhance the skin tone and smoothen the texture of skin. Additionally, these peelers are quite successful in swabbing the wrinkles, blemishes and uneven tone of skin as well as pigmentations. They also exfoliate the dead skin present at the outer most layer and reveals a new layer of skin with improved color, texture and tone. 

Other than this, the skin peelers are also used in the treatment of dark spots, stretch marks and rejuvenation of skin. It is very easy to get attracted towards the perks of chemical peels, but one must also keep in mind that how disturbing its side effects can be. Many cases of allergic reactions and side effects regarding chemical peel have been observed that cannot be neglected in any case.
Laser Chemical Peels Side Effects English/Urdu

Laser Chemical peels sideeffects in Urdu

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