Apple Benefits In Urdu (Saib K Fawaid)

Apple Benefits in Urdu (Saib K Faiday aur Fawaid) and English With Homemade recipe
I am sure you have heard this famous quote hundred times before in your life “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” but let me tell you one thing that is very interesting. I have changed this phrase as “an apple a day keeps dermatologist away” you must be wondering what made me quote this famous phrase. Well, don’t worry I am going to reveal some amazing facts about this amazing fruit that can be a cure of all your problems. Apple is not only used for your internal health but can also be availed to get the radiant and fresher skin. Yes! You read it right! This miracle fruit can do wonders to your skin and make it look as amazing as you want. The fruit itself holds a billion secrets behind its properties. It is quite renowned to treat many disorders but many of us are unaware of its skin friendly properties. 
Not only by eating apples you can get all of its benefits, but applying it on your face can equally effect the health of your skin. I know it’s a good news for most of those people who find short cuts to get a wonderful and flawless skin. So, here you go people! The wait is over! Now you can have all the benefits of the fruit that will become your best mate and treat you like a prince or a princess. In this article, I will brief some of the amazing facts behind apple being a fruit that can give a new life to your skin and make it look beautiful. If you are thinking about the methods of applying apple on your skin, then this article will be in your good books. So, have a look on the benefits of apple and how it can be applied on your skin to have an attractive look.

I am sure about how amazed you are after knowing the most desired benefits of this red little munchkin that is apple. The fruit is fully loaded with healthy and skin related properties that will give you nourishment internally as well as externally. So, instead of eating and applying unhealthy and synthetic products, why not buy this amazing fruit from the nearby market and get an advantage of every possible property of apple that can help you look beautiful and fresh all day long without any side effects.

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