Remove Black Magic Of Leading One Astray With Quran

Black magic is all about creating havoc and harm for others out of sheer jealousy, competition, and enmity. There is another type of black magic that leads one astray, away from Allah, far from ways that benefit humanity. The purpose of Satan is to create destruction and havoc on earth as Allah (SWT) warns in Quran: O ye people! Eat of what is on earth, Lawful and good; and do not follow the footsteps of the evil one, for he is to you an avowed enemy. (Surah Al-Baqara, 168). 
In this type of magic, magicians target the victim with an aim to lead them astray. Usually, this type of magic is done on the growing children so that they lose their focus and end up having poor future prospects. The students who are bright and intelligent are the target of such magic attempt.  The victim lose all interest in life and become obsessed with negative things such as wasting time for no reason, staying up late at night, avoid school/college and smoking or drug abuse in some cases. 
Symptoms of This Spell: 
-Victim spends too much time out of home and doesnt feel good/safe at home. 
-Sense of boredom and loneliness looms large
-Tendency towards all negative activities for children such as smoking/immoral acts. 

Islamic/Quranic Remedy and Cure for This Magic
Recite Surah Falaq for 100 times after Fajr prayers and ask Allah to remove this magic soon. Recite Surah Rehman 9 times after Zuhr Prayers, Surah Fatiha 300 times after Asr prayers, Surah Muzzamil for 11 times after Isha namaz. All the symptoms of this magic will disappear within 14-21 days by the Will, Permission, and Grace of Allah (swt).  If the child cannot do this remedy, anybody from within the family such as parents, siblings can do this on the behalf of the child. 

Remove Black Magic of Leading Astray Through Quran

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