Love Spells And How To Break Them Through Quran

People go to magicians and ask them to send a love spell on someone they want without even knowing the repercussions involved in such an act. Love spells are usually considered as acceptable by people who have least knowledge of how black magic works. Point is, if someone doesnt love you naturally without any binding, you have no right to cast love spell to love you back forcibly. It's like asking someone to kiss you at gun-point. The love spells also fall under the category of black magic since magicians employ jinns/sorcery to make the spell happen.  So, what;s the catch? The love spell cast on the person initially seems to work but with the passage of time, it all backfires on the person who did it. I know one person who married a girl using the love spell but their marriage lasted only 4 years and they were separated. It's more of a loss than any benefit. So people, please stay away from this form of sorcery as well. 
Symptoms of Love Spells: 
-Victim feels love for the other person suddenly
-Victim remains in constant pain, headache and illness being common signs. 
-excessive desire to have intercourse with the person who got the love spell cast. 

How It Is Done: The magicians asks the person to bring the clothes of the target or any other belonging. The sorcerer then reads black magic incantations on it and asks the person to throw in the well or any place where there's no human contact. Alternatively, magician gives some threads of the clothes and asks the person to include in the meal of the target. 

Removing This Love Spell Through Quran:

Read Durood Shareef 11 times, Recite Surah Younus Verse number: 81-82, Surah Araf Verse number: 117-122, Surah Taha verse number: 69 and Ayat-ul-Kursi  3 times all and blow over water and give the patient to drink throughout the day. By the help and grace of Allah (Swt), all the effects of this love spell will disappear within 14-day to 4 weeks.

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