Islamic/Quranic Treatment To Break Black Magic Of Headache

Black magic involves demonic forces to influence person's mind and intention. In effect, black magic only creates illusions and seed negative ideas into one's mind. Out of jealousy and enmity, people employ these nefarious methods to harm others. One of kind of amal/sihr/magic is to create constant headache on the victim which makes him/her unable to concentrate on things valuable and productive in their lives. However, not every case of constant of headache is due to black magic done on the person. Below are the symptoms through which one can easily confirm whether these are black magic effects or otherwise. 
Symptoms of This Type of Magic/Sihr: 
-Medications don't work but rather creates more problems. 
-Face complexion darkens
-Victim feels he/she's being watched by some unseen entities
-Headache starts when one wants to focus on something like studies, work etc. 
-Pain in Brain nerves
-Medicine,doctors unable to cure the headache

Treatment To Cure This Magic Through Quran
If the headache is caused by the jinn and the victim feels he's surrounded by invisible entities, then the treatment is as follows: Read Durood Shareef 11 times before and after this method/amal: Recit 1000 times Surah Naas after any prayer especially after Fajr or Asar and below it over his/her body and also on water. Only drink this blown-over water until the treatment is complete. By the grace and permission of Allah (SWT), the spell will be removed and the jinn on duty to create headache will surrender and leave. In another case, if headache is due to black magic done in graveyard, well or mountains, follow the procedure below: Recite Surah Falaq 313 times after every prayer and blow on body and water. Drink the same recited water throughout the day and by the help of Allah, magic will be broken within 7-21 days.  You may feel drowsiness and desire to sleep while doing the remedy/amal. Resist the sleep for its a good sign and you are moving in the right direction. May Allah be your guide. 
Dua For Breaking Magic/Sihr Of Headache
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