Hadiths on ayat e karima

Ayat e Karima is mentioned in hadiths and that is why Muslims recite these verses from Quran not only to seek forgiveness from Allah, but they also get their worldly problems solved. There are a number of hadiths on the importance of Qurani duas.

Hadiths # 1 

Hadith # 2

These two hadiths on ayat e kareema assert the importance of seeking forgiveness from Allah. Most of the blockages in our life are caused by our sins, mistakes, negligence, laziness and ignorance of Allah's commandments and it is very important for one to seek forgiveness in every matter. Financial difficulty, strained relationship that often causes divorce, physical disabilities and mental discomfort are some of the common woes people suffer. Ayat e Kareema recitation can help us solve all our problems. 
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