Dua when buying or moving into new house house (ghar me barkat ke liye dua)

When you plan to buy or move into new a house, home or any place for any kind of use (be it residential or commercial), we must seek Allah's protection from Shaitan and evil. In order to create barakat (blessings and abundance), there are certain duas taught by Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him. Recite this Dua after before and after you have bought the house. Also recite it after you have moved into the house.
Dua when moving into new house, ghar men barkat ke lye Dua

Ghar me barkat ke liye dua: Duas for barakah are intended for keeping our blessings intact and the only way to do it is look to Quran and Sunnah. This Dua is authentic and is recommended by just about every religious mentor.
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