Dua when buying a new car

Dua when buying a new car: You deserve to buy a new car because you look to Allah for every single thing you need in life, and that is why you are reading this post. Be grateful to Allah for all the existing and past blessings and all the future blessings that are waiting for you. Say Alhamdulillah !!!
Dua when buying a new car

English transliteration: Allahumma inni As'aluka Khaira-ha, Wa Khaira-ma Jabaltaha Alaih, Wa'auzubika min Sharri-Haa, Wa-Sharri-Maa Jabaltaha Alaih.
When you buy a new car, you need it to be protected with barakah so that you can make the most of it. When you make dua to Allah the right way, we create blessings in everything. 
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