Dua for sugar, diabetes

Dua for sugar and diabetes from Quran: Sugar is one of the most common disease in humans and its growth has a lot to do with spiritual problems, though many of us are not aware of how spiritual weakness can manifest in a disease like sugar or diabetes. I have seen people cure their sugar problem using ayat e shifa. Ayat e Shifa are commonly used as dua for sugar patients.
Quran dua for sugar and diabetes disease patients

 English transliteration of ayat e shifa
You can read the transliteration if you can't read Arabic verses as. The transliteration has been made so simple and easy that you won't have much trouble understanding the right words and proper pronunciation.
Islamic healing and duas: This dua for sugar from Quran (which also goes by the name of ayat e shifa) has been known to cure hundred of sugar and diabetes patients around the world. 
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