Ayat e Shifa for cancer patients

Ayat e Shifa for cancer (blood, lungs, breast and others): No disease in the world is incurable and so is cancer. With Ayat e Shifa, one can heal life-threatening disease like cancer. We have seen miracles in life, but modern medicines and science has blocked a lot of people's faith and belief system. All you have to do is put complete trust in Allah's power and mercy.

People have cured cancer with Ayat e Shifa and if you or one of your relatives, friends and family members has been diagnosed with cancer, this Dua will create a big miracle for you Inshahallah. Remember me in your prayers.
If you can't read Arabic text, you can get help with English transliteration of Ayat e Shifa.

Ayat e Shifa has been known to cure cancer of blood, lungs, breast, and even cancer of mouth is one of the categories we have seen disappear after recitation of this beautiful Dua.
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