Ayat e Karima recitation benefits

There are lots of benefits of reciting Ayat e Karima (Kareema) but we will stick to the ones most popular derived from Hadiths and Quran, and among Muslims. Allah has given us all the essential tool in Quran with which we can end all our problems and distress.
Ayat e Karima recitation benefits 
Key benefits of reciting Ayat e Karima:

* Forgiveness of sins: Ayat e Kareema recitation is the fastest and simplest way to seek forgiveness from Allah.
* Barkah (barkat): It creates barakah (barkat) in our existing blessings and blessings we will get in future.
* Financial prosperity and increase in wealth/business/money
* Black magic effects are removed when Ayat e Kreema recited consistently
* End to Marriage problems and creates barkah between spouses
* Relief from life-threatening diseases and every kind of illness
* Creates harmonious relationship with Allah
* Increases fear of Allah
* Relief from all kinds of mental and spiritual distress (depression, sadness, frustration) 

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