Dua for pimples free skin

You can remove pimples using this dua. This is not a conventional wazifa or dua that you recite without even paying attention to what's your reciting. Your pimply face will start glowing again In sha Allah as Allah knows how to end your pimples. So get ready to have a new look now. 
Dua for pimples free skin

Step 1) Sit in a quite room where nobody can disturb you. 

Step 2) Close your eyes and recite this Quran verse 100 times for 21 days straight. 

Step 3) Blow on your fingers and do a light massage on the area of your face where pimples are. 

Step 4) Recite Surah Fatiha three times as gratitude (Shukar) to Allah. 

Do this Dua session for 21 days, your face pimples will certain go Inshahallah if you follow the steps. 

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  1. Did SURAH FATIHA have to be recite after verses ?