Ya Mutakabbiru wazifa benefits

Ya Mutakabbiru Wazifa benefits and fazilat:
Meaning of Al Mutakabbir: The Majestic, Bohot Barai Wala (Urdu and Hindi)
This wazifa is one of the least popular Asma ul Husna wazaif people practise, but it is interesting to know that the wazifa has benefits most people want to get.
Benefit: Ya Mutakabbiru is best for having a pious child. Recite 10 times before intercourse, inshahallah Allah will bless the reciter with righteous child.
Ya Mutakabbiru wazifa benefit fazilat meaning

 Ya Mutakabbiru wazfia has more benefits that you will like to know. If anyone recite it for 660 times, they will have blessings (barakah) in everything they do.

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