Ya Ghaffar wazifa benefits

The meaning of Al Ghaffar is "The Forgiver"

Ya Ghaffar wazifa has lots of benefits and you are probably aware of them already, but one of the key benefits that you must know is "increase and barakah (barkat) in wealth and financial resources". I know a fellow who has been involved in spiritual practice at a local khanqah (seminary) and he almost always recommends this wazifa to those who come to him seeking help for financial ease and barakah.
Ya Ghaffar wazifa: benefits and meaning

Note: In order to make the most of Asma ul Husna wazaif, you need to make them part of your regular duas as using the right name and attributes of Allah in a particular situation (or a particular wish) will put you in perspective and you will better explain your wish to Allah. For instance, using Ya Rahman and Ya Raheem in your dua while asking Allah for forgiveness will put your heart and mind in harmony. Making dua with repeated same old wordings doesn't create powerful feelings towards Allah.
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