What is thalassemia (in Urdu)?

Do you know that Thalassemia is a hereditary disease in which the person's body cannot produce the blood it requires to function on its own? 
Available treatment and cure: The only way to keep the body functioning and blood level intact in a thalassemia patient is "blood transfusion." 
What is thalassemia in Urdu?

Pakistan is probably the only country which has not been able to fully eradicate Thalassemia and there are very alarming facts on a growing number of Thalassemia major children in Pakistan. The only way to end Thalassemia is to not allow marriages between couples having thalassemia minor.
According to statistics, around two hundred thousand people in Pakistan are battling Thalassemia major disease. Every year, six thousand children are born with this life-threatening disease. 
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