Islami Dua: Cure constipation real quicker

Here is an email question we received from a visitor:
I have been having a constipation problem for the past few months and the problem arises every 15 days or so. Is there any dua for constipation relief as I have even used medicines and pills but nothing seems to work on my stomach problem. Need an easy dua.
The dua and its method mentioned below has helped a lot of people with constipation problem. We have even shared it to our blog before. For your convenience we are sharing the method once again.
1) Recite Surah Qadr fourteen times 
2) Blow on water and drink 
Dua for constipation problem and relief

Jamil Ahmed's email message from Karachi: "My constipation problem disappeared after I started practising this dua and I am so happy. Every single problem first occurs on a spiritual level and then it manifests on a physical plane (your body). That being said, using medicine or not using medicine is not an issue for me now as I cure many of my health problems with strong dua. Give a lot of thanks to Allah and your every problem will vanish like it never existed."
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