Black magic in Pakistan (Urdu) - Part 2

Black magic, kala jadu tona in Pakistan (Urdu) - Part 2: The part 2 of Ummat report continues with the amil walking the reporter through steps magicians take to cast spells on victims. Alarming facts revealed by the Amil show a person can be destroyed mentally with the help of jadu tona. The amil explains how mantras are recited as a preliminary step towards an organised black magic intended to be done to fully cripple the victim.
black magic, kala jadu tona Pakistan Urdu report Ummat

Black magic is haram in Islam and there is no doubt about the disastrous impact a magic spells brings to the victim. With a growing number of black magicians attempting to gain business by advertising and marketing, more and more unsuspecting people are getting trapped by these money-grubbing magic peddlers. This jadu tona article in Urdu can open eyes of anyone wanting to get magic spell cast on someone.
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