Best desi treatment (ilaaj) for nazla, zukam, flue and cold

Flue and cold (nazla, zukam) can be a real trouble if you don't treat it as this seemingly easy-to-endure problem often confines people to bed. Stop sneezing and coughing  and follow this simple desi ilaj explained here in Urdu. I have seen people end flue in like a day as the treatment involves natural ingredients free from side effects and complicated issues that conventional medicines often bring.
nazla zukam flue desi ilaj treatment in Urdu

Flue and cold problems can go without any trouble. people usually want to pop a pill when they get cold or flue. Taking a regular pill or medicine for flue (nazla zukam) may bring some relief, but the side effects of these pills are beyond belief as it numbs your mind, leaving you drowsy. You may be after a quick treatment, but curing nazla with a desi ilaj is far more beneficial for your overall health.
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