Ya Quddusu wazifa benefits and fazilat

Have you practised Ya Quddusu wazifa? if not then you need to now as it has many benefits that you are probably unaware of. Al Quddus is one of the glorious names of Almighty Allah and it has been used The Holy Quran. The meaning of Al Quddus is The Holy.
Benefit (fazilat):
Reciting Ya Qaddusu increases dignity and respect. Anyone who wants to be respected by people, they should dwell on Al Quddus and its meaning by reciting on a regular basis. 
Ya Quddusu wazifa and its fazilat (benefits or fazail)
According to scholars and those having practised the wazifa of Ya Qaddusu say this golrified name of Allah is best for connecting heart to the lord and the reciter can gain strength and peace of heart. It is also advised to recite Ya Quddusu during journey or travelling as it will keep the reciter safe, protected well taken care of. If you are reciting other wazaif of Asma ul Husna, you should also make this one part of your daily recitation as you have read some of its key benefits and fazail. 
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