Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Surah Tin benefits (fazilat)

Here are some of the benefits of reciting Surah Tin. Surah Tin is part of the last chapter (30th) of The Holy Quran. I am sure many of you can recite Surah Tin without having to read the Arabic text as the Surah is not long.
Key benefits:
1. Surah Tin is best for ending enmity and rivalry.
2. If recited 41 times after every Isha Salah (prayer), Surah Tin can increase love and end hatred between any two persons and among people or groups.
Surah Tin benefits fazilat
Surah Tin Urdu Tafseer
Another amazing benefit Surah Tin brings us is that it can (by the Will of Allah) result in the birth of baby boy. For those not well versed in Arabic reading, we will add English transliteration of Quran Surahs.

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