Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Surah Nuh benefits

Surah Nuh (Nooh) has a lot of benefits that you might not have heard before and you must now make it part of your regular recitation if you want to gain benefits of both Dunya and Akhira. Some of the major benefits (both spiritual and physical or worldly) have mentioned below.
1. Faith is strengthened
2. Defeat to enemy and trouble makers
3. Growth in business, income and wealth
Surah Nuh benefits and fazilat

If you want to increase faith in Allah and think you need to have closer relationship with the Creator, Surah Nuh (Nooh) is the best. Faith is the most important element in making all your wishes come true (be them worldly or related to Akhirah). 

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  1. Assalam O Alaikum
    I want to know that how one can recite sura nu to eliminnate his enemies.