Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Surah Naba benefits (fazilat)

Surah Naba is one of the Surahs that I recite on a regular basis as it has benefits that may not concern a lot of people as we are constantly looking to get our worldly problems sorted out and rarely thinking of akhira and judgement day (Qayamat).
Key Benefits: 
1. According to popular Hadith, Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) has said Allah will give a great reception to the reciter of Surah Naba by giving them Sharab e Tahoor.
2. In addition to benefits and rewards in Qayamah and life after death, Surah Naba is the best remedy for eyesight improvement.
Surah Naba benefits and fazilat
Surah Naba Urdu tafseer verses
This Surah has many virtues and the reciter will learn about life after death as Allah has sent a warning to those doubting Qayamah. Surah Naba talks about hellfire (jahannam) and paradise (jannah) as well as blessings of Allah in great details. 

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