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Top Nursing Schools And Colleges In California

Best Nursing Colleges In California That Are Worth Your Attention

Nursing has emerged as one of the fastest growing professions in the US mainly and across the world generally. As we discussed in the last post, there was severe shortage of nursing in New York, there is a lot of career and future growth for a registered nurse willing to practice long term. 

University Of California,  Los Angeles School of Nursing

Also known UCLA school of Nursing, the university is well-recognized for its nursing program. There is a rigorous process of tests to gain admission into its nursing school. The students' core competence and knowledge is tested before being formally welcome to the university. Considered as one of the best in Califronia with awards including Daisy Foundation Awards and Sigma Theta Tau International's Nurse Researcher Hall of Fame Awards (2013) to its credit, the tuition fee is $11,970.00 for non-resident students.  

California State University, Fullerton School of Nursing

This school offers Nursing/registered nursing programs and has a tough admission criteria. If you have a GPA of 3.0 and pass the university and nursing tests, you will most likely be a successful candidate. The graduation rate is 51 percent. 

San Diego State University

Located in San Diego, California, the university's nursing school offers both RN, BSN and MSN programs. On average the tuition fee is $6,766 a year, The schools is well-known for its above-average graduation rate that stands at 66 percent. If you are willing to study in this school, your annual cost will be around $25,013. The school is accredited with CCNE, CBRN and has 88 percent NCLEX Pass Rate. 

California Baptist University

Located in Riverside, CA, the school offers some great nursing programs despite its small set-up and moderate fee structure. With a graduation rate of 59 percent, the average tuition cost is $28,122. The school offers BSN, MSN programs and is accredited with CCNE, CBRN.

Frenso Pacific University 

This nursing school can be the best choice if you want to study on budget. The school offers some type of financial aid to all its enrolled students. With programs like BSN, MSN, the school also offers other fascinating health-care related programs for aspiring students. 

Other nursing colleges that may interest you in California are listed below: The factors you should weigh before seeking admission into any nursing programs should include: your choice to practice nursing as thorough professional, fee structure,accreditation, total annual cost and NCLEX pass rate.

Top Nursing Colleges/Schools With RN, BSN, MSN Programs

Concodia University-Irvine (Programs: BSN, MSN, DNP, Fee: $42,513, NCLEX Pass Rate: 97%)

University of San Francisco (Programs: BSN, MSN, DNP. Fee: $57,117. NCLEX Pass Rate: 95%)

Samuel Merrit University (Programs: BSN, MSN. Fee: $43,289. NCLEX Pass Rate: 85%)

Mount St. Mary’s College (Programs: ADN, BSN. Fee:$48, 215. NCLEX Pass Rate: 84%)

Dominican University of California (Programs: BSN, MSN. Fee: $56,823. NCLEX Pass Rate: 83 %) 

Azusa Pacific University (Programs: BSN, MSN, DNP. Fee: $36,089. NCLEX Pass Rate: 87%) 

Vanguard University Of Southern Califronia (Programs: BSN. Fee: $41,963. NCLEX Pass Rate: 80%)

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