Top 3 Nursing Schools In US

The Best 3 Nursing Schools In US That You Should Go For

Nursing has emerged as the most sought-after profession with growing job market and lucrative career path. It has become a major attraction for young students and already professionals alike. If you wish to pursue a career in nursing, you must read the entire post as we have ranked the top 5 nursing schools in the US. The ranking factors include: cutting edge technology/infrastructure, faculty, general reputation and recognition, and facilities offered to graduates at the school.

1  John Hopkins University –Baltimore, MD

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, John Hopkins is a private and no-profit university with a worldwide reputation and recognitions. With the establishment of University, its nursing program started operating but it was not until 1983, seven years after its foundation, School of nursing became a separate division.  Now in 2016, its Nursing School is recognized as the best in the world with top-class faculty and alumni to mentor and assist the graduate and masters level enrolled students.  The Nursing Schools is based in the East Baltimore Campus, a 10-minute walk from the main campus.  With 184 faculty members, the student/teacher ratio is 13:1.  It is mandatory for faculty members to at least have a PHD or terminal degree.

Fee Structure/Admission Deadline

The application deadline for admissions into nursing programs ends on 1st January each year. You will be entitled to pay $75 in application fee. The tuition fee for masters nursing program is $36,216 per year while DNP has $36,530 per year structure.

Bachelor’s of Science Nursing Degree

Students, with already having a bachelors degree in another discipline, can opt for either summer or fall accelerated programs which commences in May each year and end in July of the following year.

Master of Science Nursing Degree

Designed as an advanced nursing practice and leadership program, this offers students with an accelerated BS-to-MSN coupled with paid clinical residency. If you have Bachelor’s degree in another field, this program will first provide fast-track BS in nursing, then RN license as well as paid residency at University’s partner hospital.  Upon completion of residency, students will have the prospect of being hired as full time employee at the hospital and study their MSN simultaneously.

2 University of  Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Considered as one of nation’s best nursing schools, the University is the first Ivy League school to offer its students the multi-disciplinary approach to education. The nursing program officially started in 1950.

Fee Structure/Admission Deadline

Admissions begin in summer each year, with 1st July being the last date for application submission. The fee for US residents is $80. The entire tuition fee for the program is $38,060 per year. The university offers PHD and masters degrees in nursing.

Top nursing schools in USA

 University of California, Los Angeles
University of California offers one of the best nursing programs in the country. It is well known for its strict and rigorous admission requirements. Formally established in 1919, the school offers students an ability to earn bachelors degree as well as masters degree.
Fee Structure/Admission Deadline
Registered as a public school, its nursing program admissions begin early in year as the application deadline is on 1st February. The US-residents can apply for an application fee of $90.  The tuition fee for full masters program is $26,803.

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