Nurse Anesthetist Salary And Job Prospects

Nurse Anesthetist is a lucrative advanced field of practice that can provide you steady stream of revenues across the world especially in US, UK, Australia and Canada. In 2016, the stats reveal that a nurse anesthetist has the potential to earn from 79,735 to 190, 470 per year in the US.  The salaries may differ state-by-state or country wise but the above data reveals that nurse anesthetists should be making a lot of money off their daily job in 2016. The difference in pay scale is mainly due to a couple of factors such as location, experience and a slew of other things.

What Are Job Prospects For Nurse Anesthetists Financially

Over the years, nurse anesthetist career has shown great growth and promise and experts indicate that the salaries will see an increase of 31% over the next decade. Not bad at all. Hospitals have preference of nurse anesthetist over anesthesiologists due to the fact that they are cost-efficient and their responsibilities are of life-saving nature.  One shouldn’t be amazed at the salary scale of nurse anesthetists and the career growth this particular advanced field of practice offers.  In 2010, a CNN documentary proved that nurse anesthetists are the highest-paid people in the entire nursing industry and that should not come as a surprise. A beginner CRNA with less than 1 year experience can earn up to $7.46 – $107.66 per hour while seasoned nurses with over 15 to 20 years of practical experience can bank around  $49.66 up to $101.21

Nurse Anesthetist CRNA salary 2016

What Nurse Anesthetists Do?

A Nurse anesthetist has to spend most of the time on job in the ICU or SCU. They treat patients through anesthesia in and post-surgery context.  Pain management also comes under the job description of a nurse anesthetist.

How To Become Nurse Anesthetist

The minimum education requirement to become a nurse anesthetist is masters. Read our guide on How To Become Nurse Anesthetists Here.

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