Saturday, April 16, 2016

Dua For Bad Habits, Behavior and Hypocrisy

At some point in time, we all are into some bad habits that are hard overcome. Some of the most common bad habits are smoking, laziness, procrastination, and hypocritical behavior. These negative and bad habits prove to be quite detrimental for our lives and there is always a way to overcome the bad habits. If you're suffering from due to any bad habit, this authentic dua will help inshAllah. 

Dua for bad habit/behavior in Arabic, Urdu, Hindi

Buri Adat Ki Dua: Nifaq/Buray Akhlaq se bachnay ki dua
Nifaq (hypocrisy and duality) is the most condemned trait in Islam. Bad behavior and misdemeanor is also discouraged according to the teachings Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and we should recite this due as much as possible to overcome the above mentioned bad habits. 

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