Surah Kahf for getting rid of debt, loans (qarz)

If you are struggling to pay off your debts and there seems no way out of this problem, your best bet is to sit down, relax and focus all your energy to Allah.
To do this and get rid of your problem, you have to recite Surah Kahf for this particular problem and Inshahallah you will see multiple benefits after you have done enough recitation (with strong faith of course).
Surah Kahf for loan, debt, payment qarz

Not only will you get rid off all your debts, but you will also get many wealth opportunities because we tend to get loans or debt when we don't have proper sources for income and money.
Keep reciting it as often as you can because in week or two your mind will get used to it and your desire (Dua) will definitely attract Allah's mercy. Start living the life you want as you were not born to please others (I am talking about those selfish souls who can forgive loan without any trouble, but they choose not to as they are greedy).
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