Junaid Jamshed Beaten Up At Airport

Junaid Jamshed was beaten up at airport by some unknown people while he was passing through the airport lounge. The people rounded up and some came forward and slapped him until the security staff escorted him to safety. The angry group alleged that he had done blasphemy on Hazarat Ayesha (RA). Junaid tried to clam the people and negotiate with them but the crow did not stop from beating him further. Eventually, Junaid had to get off the scene.

The ex pop-singer reverted to the basic teachings of Islams and gave up his famous lifestyle to adopt Islamic-preaching and apolitical group Tableeghi-Jamaat after being influenced by the lectures of Maulana Tariq Jameel.

This public reaction has emerged for the first time since Junaid Jamshed narrated the incident of Hazrat Ayesha (RA) in what could be a termed as blasphemy. After the incident, Junaid apologized to the people for his irresponsible religious sermons and ever since he has avoided giving lectures on camera.

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