Here's why Mumtaz Qadri news didn't get the media coverage

Mumtaz Qadri's hanging news caused a storm in a teacup? But the Pakistani media was not abuzz with the news that should have grabbed the headlines. I think that had more to do with covering things up than showing Sharmeen Obaid Chinoi's Oscar win. The media started covering Sharmeen Obaid like never before. Even before the ceremony, the media kept covering every single useless nonsensical news regarding the event. With newscaster screaming their lungs out telling us how happy the whole nation is and how Sharmin Obaid has made us all proud of ourselves while totally blocking the news that affected nearly every city of the country.

Pakistani Urdu latest news: Mumtaz Qadri and media coverage

As for the security situation, there wasn't a single incident of mishap and violence and the credit definitely goes to religious parties that told their supporters to peacefully demonstrate. But the question is? Where is the government in all this? They should have seen the signs. They should have known the punishment would ignite public fury and sentiments but we can't see police on the roads. Islamabad has been cut off from Rawalpindi but the media is busy hiding the facts. The media's job is not to take sides. Their job is to report the facts. 
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