Dua for pain in teeth (tooth ache)

Pain in teeth can be really annoying and even frustrating if it is stopping you from eating and doing your day-to-day tasks. If you have not been able to eat properly for a few days because of pain in teeth, then you should take action.
The dua I have shared is every effective for removing pain in teeth (tooth ache). I have recited this dua for my toothache and I have neve had it again.
Dua for pain in teeth toothache (daant dard ka ilaj Urdu Hindi)

This work wonders Mashallah and if you are doing with a complete faith then you will get rid of the pain in a matter of hours. Stay blessed and don't forget to share the dua with others.
Under category: Islamic roohani ilaj (Urdu Hindi), daant dard ki dua. Healing
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