Dua For Anger Control

Are you facing the anger management problems without finding the real solution to fix this ill that is costing you relationships, business deals or maybe the peace of home life. As a matter of fact, people who are not able to control their anger face the consequences of their anger issues. In Western culture, there are various schools and gurus offering to resolve your anger management issues and transform you into a calm and level-headed person. But if you are a Muslim, you can overcome this issue and control your anger and depression by reciting the authentic Dua which our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) suggested. Please keep in mind you have to be regular and punctual in asking Allah to help in your endeavor. It takes time and practice to completely overcome your anger issues. 
Dua for anger and depression in Urdu, English and Hindi
Depression is the ultimate result of people who cannot tackle their anger issues. However, Allah has not created any problem without its solution. Set anytime for reciting this Dua and with the passage you will witness your anger under absolute control.

Dua for anger control and depression/ghussay ki dua Urdu/Hindi

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