Dua For Travelling

The importance of dua cannot be underestimated in our lives as it plays a powerful role in changing our matters from worse to good and this is what Allah expects from Muslims and people He has created. Most of the times, we only pray in times of adversity when beset by problems beyond our control. While there is nothing is wrong with making dua/supplication to Allah in misery, the best act is to praise and appreciate the blessings Allah has bestowed upon us.
In Quran, Allah says: “He is the One that has created Life and Death in order to test who amongst you is best in conduct.” (Verses: 67:2). 
Dua for travelling: English/Arabic

Dua for travel on plane: Safar pe rawangi ki dua

By reciting this dua, the reader will leave himself in the protection of the Lords of the Worlds: Allah (SWT) and stay safe from any accident, mishap. We can read this dua for short distance travels as well. Anything recited with pure intention to call for Allah's assistance is the Muslim way of doing things. 

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