Thursday, February 25, 2016

Benefits of Surah al Tariq

Assalamoalaikum brothers and sisters ! I am back again.. with a beautiful Surah and benefits of its recitation. Surah Tariq. First a brief overview: This Surah is part of Chapter 30th (Amma Paara) and was revealed in Makkah. So have a look at the explanation and try to make it part of your daily recitation if you think you are a black magic victim or have been hurt by an evil eye.
I will keep sharing benefits of different Quran verses and what benefit they can give you if you recite them on a regular basis. Since most of the audience of my blog understand and read urdu, I am sharing benefits explained in the Urdu language. One of the most common benefits that you might have heard before is safety from magic or psychic attacks.
Benefits of reciting, reading Surah al Tariq

Surah al Tariq Urdu

Reciting the entire Quran is beneficial and has a cure to every single problem, be it a spiritual or a physical one. but certain issues need to be addressed with certain verses. If you have found this post helpful and worth sharing, don't wait and share it with your friends and family members. If someone gets benefits from reading it after you have shared it with them, you will also get benefits in the world and hereafter Inshallah.  

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