Did Tanveer Zamani live with Zardari without a marriage/nikah?

The news media is looking for juicy, scandalous stuff all the time and we often hear questions at tv shows that make us scratch our mind. One such bold question thrown at alleged wife of former president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari Tanveer Zamani, and the response was as predictable as you can think :) "Have you ever lived with Zardari Sahab (without any nikah)," the anchor asks. Tanveer Zamani catagorically denied the accusation and said she never even lived with him.

Have you been living with Zardari without "I have not even heard this rumour before. Though talks about my marriage to Asif Zardari had hijacked the media, hearing this question is a bit of a shock to me," Zamani said. 

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