Asif Zardari and Tanveer Zamani alleged marriage: Pictures and scandal?

Asif Ali Zardari and Tanveer Zamani's alleged marriage has caused a storm in a tea cup. Here are pictures and a couple of videos of both persons and the evidence is still not that solid. The media is abuzz with lots of scandals and juicy news keep popping up across our news channels every five minutes.

Asif Zardari poses with alleged wife Tanveer Zamani - Pakistan news

Tanveer Zamani - her relation to Asif Zardari - Pakistani political scandals
Tanveer Zamani in a wedding dress? Pakistani politician scandals
Tanveer Zamani: A story behind Asif Zardari's marriage?

Tanveer Zamani with Aitazaz Ahsan: Pictures 

Dr Tanveer Zamani: Asif Zardari's second wife at a Peoples Party gathering in USA

For more pictures and images of Pakistani politicians, stay in touch. 

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