Old London Lady Up in Air Without Parachute

Sky diving and parachuting is one of the most adventurous activities in the western world. It takes a lot of courage and bravery to indulge in such adventure since if it goes wrong it can result in immediate death and serious injuries. People in London are especially fond of this and pay a lot of money to fulfill such adventures. Height for some people can be a source of real trouble and sometimes it is an illness called vertigo--the fear of heights. Those affected by this illness don't even think of taking themselves to such adventures.

The mishaps though rare are considered part of the adventurous games. Usually the normal people who have no experience in parachuting hires the professional trainers and skydivers to accompany them on the adventure. The similar thing happened to this woman in London. The old lady despite being near to natural death age, the lady look promising to take on the adventure but forgot to take the parachute herself. This London lady was hell terrified and scared before taking on the ambitious journey. 

Watch Video: Click Here

As you can see in the footage the lady remained reluctant initially but the professional London parachuting trained motivated her and they flew high up in the air for some minutes.

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