Modi government: Gujrat Muslims and MPA ehsan Jafri

Arundhati Roy is a famous writer from India and her claim to fame is the the 1997 Man Booker Prize for writing a novel titled "The God of Small Things. Arundhati's popularity and fame isn't limited to her fictional writing that definitely got her enough respect not just in India but also across the globe, the write has been involved in human rights campaign in India. The video today I have shared is about one of the worst massacres India has seen to date. Gujrat incident and the role of Modi and his associates are still in discussions and debates because the severity of what happened in the province is unimaginable.

The curious case of Modi & RSS. - #Horus - SHAR/TAG
Posted by Pakistan Defence on Wednesday, January 7, 2015
Thousands of people were killed and even more wounded. Women were raped and even children were not spared in Gujrat, one of the main provinces of India. The worst part was, a Muslim MPA (former) Ehsan Jafri, was also the victim of violence. He was brutally wounded before being killed by a furious mob. Arundhati Roy probably made a name for herself in the world of writing, but many Indians think she doesn't deserve the respect she has gained and her writings and speeches are often controversial. There are dozens of her speeches that were blocked, her feelings stifled. Freedom of speech became the biggest crime and Arundhati received her fair share of criticism from right-wing Indians.

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